Erwin Jans

Erwin Jans – Toneelhuis

About Erwin

Erwin Jans is a dramaturg at Toneelhuis Antwerp, where he is also responsible for audience development. He is one of the creators of the ongoing AmatuerTONEELhuis project, that invites regional amateur groups to train with and perform at the Toneelhuis, creating parallel productions of the main Toneelhuis programme. He teaches theater within the Master Cultural Studies of KU Leuven and at the University of Antwerp. He is editor of the cultural journal Nieuwzuid (New South) and publishes extensively on culture, literature, theater and multicultural society. He was been working as a dramaturge at several theaters, including the KVS in Brussels and the Ro Theater in Rotterdam.  His works include – together with Guy Cassiers – the opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner and the cycle The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil for Toneelhuis Antwerp.


About the Toneelhuis

The Toneelhuis Antwerp is the largest city theater in Flanders and a prominent producer of innovative contemporary European theatre. Since 2006, Toneelhuis has defined itself as an “ensemble of makers”: Rather than employing a permanent ensemble of actors around one or more directors, the Toneelhuis invites a number of high-level directors or theatre directors to become Toneelhuis residents and shape a young, modern and multifaceted profile of the house. The Toneelhuis is an associated member of the Theatron Network, the convenor of the Culture.Shift forum.

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