Lars Seeberg

Lars Seeberg – Theatron Network

About Lars

Lars Seeberg is the director the Theatron network, and the founder of see@rt where he advises theatres, multicultural venues and funding initiatives. His career started out in the field of drama both as a dramaturge at Odense Theater and as a professor at The Theatre School in Odense. For the last 20 years he has worked in the international arts and cultural scene – for example during his 10 years as Secretary General of the Aarhus International Festival (1991-2000). From 2000 to 2005, he initiated and designed the bicentenary of fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen. The worldwide celebration reached millions of people and succeeded in refreshing the established view of the renowned writer. Lars Seeberg’s voice is often heard in the Danish public debate where he for example has advocated for a more united, cosmopolitan and passionate European vision for culture, which should be based diversity, but also on a will to get involved, cooperate and inspire each other. More in see@art


About Theatron

Theatron is the convenor of the Culture.Shift Forum. Theatron is a network of European performing arts organisations who aim to explore creative and innovative ways of engaging new audiences. The Greek name for theatre – theatron – stems from theasthai: ‘to regard’ or ‘to look’. theatron highlights the importance of a creative dialogue between performers and audiences. It encompasses the entire creative process from programming via artistic creation, performance, outreach and communication. It is this original understanding of theatre that Theatron wants to foster and promote.

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