Culture.Shift – Creative Leadership in Action is organised with the insights, help and support of several important partners.


Theatron Network – Engaging • New • Audiences

Theatron NetworkTheatron is the convenor of the Culture.Shift Forum. Theatron is a network of European performing arts organisations who aim to explore creative and innovative ways of engaging new audiences. The Greek name for theatre – theatron – stems from theasthai: ‘to regard’ or ‘to look’. theatron highlights the importance of a creative dialogue between performers and audiences. It encompasses the entire creative process from programming via artistic creation, performance, outreach and communication. It is this original understanding of theatre that Theatron wants to foster and promote.

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Toneelhuis Antwerp

toneelhuis antwerpThe Toneelhuis Antwerp has agreed to host the Culture.Shift Forum.  It is the largest city theater in Flanders and a prominent producer of innovative contemporary European theatre. Since 2006, Toneelhuis has defined itself as an “ensemble of makers”: Rather than employing a permanent ensemble of actors around one or more directors, the Toneelhuis invites a number of high-level directors or theatre directors to become Toneelhuis residents and shape a young, modern and multifaceted profile of the house. The Toneelhuis is an associated member of the Theatron Network, the convenor of the Culture.Shift forum.

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DaVinci Institute

DaVinci InstituteThe DaVinci Institute acts as conference organiser for Culture.Shift. The DaVinci Institute is a think tank and consultancy specialising in bringing together creative and innovative organisations from all over Europe to work together and share their knowledge. As a think tank, the DaVinci Institute initiates discussions, engages in conversations and curates information on innovation-focussed collaboration. Through its network of experts and consultancy services, the DaVinci Institute supports European organisations, projects and collaborations through tailored management, training and dissemination services.

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European Commission – Culture Programme

EU Culture
The Culture.Shift forum – as part of the Theatron Network activities – is generously supported by an European Culture grant. Now running under the name “Creative Europe”, it is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and media sectors. Creative Europe, with a budget of €1.46 billion (9% higher than its predecessors), supports:

  • Culture sector initiatives, such as those promoting cross-border cooperation, platforms, networking, and literary translation;
  • Audiovisual sector initiatives, such as those promoting the development, distribution, or access to audiovisual works
  • A cross-sectoral strand, including a Guarantee Facility and transnational policy cooperation.

The programme consists of two sub-programmes; the Culture sub-programme to promote the culture sector, and the MEDIA sub-programme to support the audiovisual sector.

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